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Car Wash Service

Normal Wash Small Car RM7
Normal Wash Big Car RM9
Machine Wash Only (Small Car) RM5
Machine Wash Only (Big Car) RM7
High Roof Van (Manual Wash) RM12
Rainbow/Colour Wash Small Car RM10
Rainbow/Colour Wash Big Car RM12

Motor Service

Wash Motor (normal shampoo) RM6
Wash Motor (colour shampoo) RM8

Vacuum Service

Vacuum Small Car RM6
Vacuum Big Car RM8

Other Service

Clean Carpet  from RM30

Add On Service

Water Coating Small Car RM10
Water Coating Big Car RM12
Wax Tyre RM1
Polish Body from RM220
Wax Body from RM90
Anti Bacteria (Fogging) RM25
Wash Cushion from RM250
Polish & Glass Coating (Windscreen Only) from RM100
Polish & Glass Coating (All) from RM200
Disinfectant RM10
Iron Remover from RM15


Retail Service

GTM Windscreen Cleaner RM10
Perfume from RM10
Dr Fresh (Cockroaches, insect and bacteria killer) RM35
Car Wiper RM5 per piece
Microfiber Towel from RM8

Car Battery

Yokohama, Yokobatt & Amaron brand call to enquiry
Promotion free gift worth RM40 with every purchase

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